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Friday, December 11, 2009

Collecting pine cones-for profit?

Hello everybody!  Summer is long gone and winter is arriving in full force, so what does that leave the gardener who loves nothing more then to fertilize the petunias and dead head a few roses.  Well there is one thing I enjoy doing when it gets cold out, and thats collecting pinecones and maybe even for a small profit!  Its not the collecting part that earns you revenue, its what you make with it.  That my friends is an elegant pinecone wreath.

Okay, I have you interested now right?  Well all you need to do is get some warm clothes on and search for a multitude of different, and interesting pine cones.  I usually start out searching for sugar pinecones because I use them the most, they usually serve as the outside and inside border to all my wreaths.  The next type of pine cone I search for is a spruce cone because it ads strength to the wreath, as well as adding a platform to glue other pinecones onto.  The last pine cones I search for is a mixture of blue spruce, scotch pine, fir, and others. These cones I use for the body of the wreath in a mixture because it adds depth and contrast, making the wreath stand out!  When im finished glueing I usually take a blow dryer and go over the wreath, because it melts all the little strings left over by the glue gun.  Additionally, if you plan on keeping the wreath outside, spray two coats of clear coat on the front and back of the wreath to help seal it.

To make money from the wreaths, most local florist shops or garden centers will purchase them if they look appealing and are a good buy.  The price that most businesses bite at is around 25 dollars.  Please feel free to broden the discussion and share any ideas.