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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wild.... WIld.... Lights at the Columbus Zoo

Today was the day I was going to visit the Wild Lights at the Columbus Zoo, for reason's other than freezing of course!  The lights were all LED this year which looked spectacular.  Here is a picture of the entrance (below).

I went last year and it was nice, but this year was unbelievable because the LED lights that were used were very bright, and saturated with color.  It was a really great time, the Columbus Zoo puts on a light show that is located around the pond by the entrance.  The picture of it is below.

Besides having a really good time and freezing, there were plenty of ideas floating around my head for future light shows at my own home.  Lighting in the landscape really sets it off at night, it seems to give the property more depth and added value.  For next christmas, I will be prepared and ready to go full force!