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Friday, December 11, 2009

Whitespire Birch all the way!

Hello everyone!  I have been putting alot of thought into why whitespire birch trees are so appealing to me so I have came up with a conclusion.  As I drive through local neighborhoods my attention is always caught by the striking appearance of this tree.  The tree is a great specimen to accent any property becuase its an attention getter, especially in winter.  During the winter months every hardwood tree is "lifeless" as it appears because there are no leaves and the bark of most hardwood trees aren't that appealing; brown like the dirt.  The tree that stands out is the one that has exfoliating white or gray bark that is usually multistemed and sways gracefully in the wind; The Whitespire Birch!

In addition to adding significant value to the home, there are many uses for this tree, well only if your a crafter or florist.  You can prune unwanted or broken branches and make a variety of crafts like: wreaths, swags, floral arrangments and the list goes on...  Furniture is also attractive that is made from the wood of the birch, as it sells very well at craft shows!  So my conclusion is that this tree is a must have because it holds significant value to the property, as well as in the hearts of any serious crafter!  Please broden my thoughts and share any new ideas or information, thank you!