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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

4 Easy steps when selecting bulbs

I have planted many bulbs in my lifetime, besides the sore back, or bruised knee's when planting large amounts of bulb's, the final result is a beautiful display of color in the spring!  there are some guidlines you should follow to have success with your bulbs next spring.  Rule number 1: Every bulb that you purchase should be firm, and free of mushy spots.  Rule number 2: The outside of the bulb should be dry and free of any disease, especially mold.  Rule number 3: Make sure the bulb isn't damaged, ie: smashed or cracked.  Rule number 4: Make sure that the bulbs are displayed in some type of clean bedding material, this will prevent disease from forming and keeps the bulbs nice and dry.  If you follow thses four rules, you will have a better chance of seeing every bulb you plant emerge from the ground!