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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Suitable tree's for flower beds

As you finish raking up all the leaves in your yard, pruning out dead or diseased branches, or doing other fall clean up around your home its the perfect time to look for suitable trees to place flower beds under next spring!  Fall and Winter are perfect times for planning next years gardening agenda.  As you glance around the yard looking for a suitable tree, or planning to plant a tree in an existing flower bed, the trees I mention today are the most suitable trees for flower beds.  The top shade tree species are Oak and Sweetgum, while the top ornamental tree species are Crabapple and Dogwoods.  The tree species you want to stay away from are Maples and Lindens.  The reason some trees are suitable and some aren't has to do with how invasive the lateral roots are;  this can be observed at parks.  Like silver maples, the later roots of the tree are very invasive and are usually raised above the soil line making it difficult to establish flower beds.  The rule of thumb I use is making sure the tree is a "taproot", because the root system of this type is alot like a carrot the roots extend down deep without lateral interference.  Well that's that, feel free to to expand on this idea!