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Monday, January 4, 2010

Poinsettia project week #2

As week number 1 rolls to an end, I was thinking about making this experiment more interesting, and I had an epiphany! My idea was having a friend of mine take care of one poinsettia using the old fashion finger method which is marked as Linda (the one on the left). I will continue to use a moisture meter to judge the water requirements of the plant, mine is marked Mike (the one on the right). Now both houses are about 70 degrees Fahrenheit and facing a south window. The climate is about the same for both plants, but the method of watering is the only variable. Linda's plant actually started to lose its understory leaves as well as some primary leaves from a lack of water and not by over watering so far. I only watered my poinsettia once thoroughly and allowed all the excess water to run out before I put it back in its fancy wrapper, last week. Of course Linda forgot to water her plant so this might ruin my hypothesis of overwatering being the cause of stressed plants. Even the plant I am taking care of has lost some understory leaves but I think it has to do with normal plant processes of shedding leaves that aren't receiving sunlight. That sums up the summary for week one, it should get pretty interesting!