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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spring wreath; Therapy for winter

In between my college classes today, I didn't feel like playing out in the yard that had 5 inches of snow on top of it; I resorted to wreath making.  It's funny to think that I make wreaths, because most men don't even have a clue how to make them, with that being said I also keep it behind closed doors and hide it from my friends.  Its one of those hobbies that your buddy's would laugh in your face for, if they found out.  I personally think it's funny that one of my favorite hobbies to do during turbulent weather; I hide it like a drug addiction.

with that being said I ended up making a "warming" spring wreath, and I made it all from scratch!  Its a well balanced wreath with many components and detail that make it special.

At the top of the wreath I used a large blue hydrangea flower to set the whole thing off.

To the right, I used two light pink tea roses, two shasta daisies, and three unknown blue flowers that resemble a delphinium.  This helps balance the color of the deep red rose at the bottom left of the wreath.

Below the pink tea roses, I have a pine cone on top of light grren moss for added contrast with the leaves of the flowers, I have two red sweat pea flowers, with three mini daffodils, white babies breath, and two little blue flowers.  These colors also help balance the deep red rose, and the pink Hydrangea on the left side of the wreath.

On the bottom of the wreath, theres a asiatic lilly, a smaller blue hydrangea flower, and two mini daffodil flowers.  These colors combined help balance the larger hydrangea flower at the top of the wreath.

In the top left of the wreath, There are a white and purple hydrangea flower, three mini daffodils, and on white chrysanthemum.  This helps balance out the white and the pink flowers on the right side of the wreath!

Material Used
1. 18 inch grapevine wreath
2. light green floral moss
3. 18 and 22 guage wire
4. spring bundles of silk flowers (daffodils, tulips, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, etc.)
5. mixed pinecones (spruce, white pine, scotch pine)
6. pack of monarch butterflys
7. pack of bluebirds
8. twisted glitter stems

Right now spring items are usually 50 percent off because its out of season!
I purchased my items from Hobby Lobby and the Flower Factory.

*Feel free to ask me any questions!*