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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wait till late December to plant bulbs in Central Ohio...

It has been so warm in Central Ohio this winter my Hyacinths are starting to emerge from the ground already!! It's sad to see because once it gets cold and stays below freezing; it’s really going to interrupt the progress they have made. Spring bulbs are very hardy; being as early as it is will damage them and set them back for a year or two. So I am waiting until right now to plant more daffodils and tulips in my beds, simply because it’s still mild and wet out. I'm hoping it will stay below freezing in January. Having mild winters with a lot of temperature fluctuations can become very hard on plants, so it’s very important to have enough mulch around plants to help keep the soil temperature from fluctuating as well. For mulch, I love to use a mixture of shredded leaves and compost because it provides protection, and as a source of nutrients in the spring. During early spring months, I take the mulch and till it into my garden to get more uses out of my winter mulching!

(Healthy daffodil bulbs)

(Unhealthy daffodil bulbs)