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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Conspicuously dangerous; frozen daggers!

Winter is full of surprises and wonders as we encounter nature on a daily basis, but some of those natural wonders that we adore can be quite dangerous around the home. One of those happen to be icicles, they usually form on the gutters of homes and range any where from a couple inches to five feet or longer!  This may cause potential problems to your gutters due to the weight icicles have once they start getting large.  An easy way to prevent future problems is to knock the icicles down with a broom of choice, and a step ladder.  Of course if you own a two story home, it doesn't become very practical trying to remove every icicle, by being proactive and trying to prevent future damages to the home, will reduce unwanted costs in the future. Not only are they possible hazards to the gutters of your home, but they can be potentially dangerous if they fall down.  The most important prevention strategy is removing icicles around the front entrance of the home, and any other high traffic areas that might be a potential problem in the future. This will help make your home a safe haven for you and your guests!